Making You Safe

Security strategy driven by advanced technology...

We design and upgrade physical and electronic security systems to work for you
"I think we have some cameras and an alarm too. Not sure what happens if we push the panic button.."

We've heard something like this way too many times. Usually followed by, "Hey where's the security manual?"

There is a better way.

Let's create a security program where systems work together to provide an early warning and instructions for what to do.

Incidents are managed off-site by calm professional dispatchers trained to get help to you immediately....and guide that response.

Our security services include security technology, security plans, emergency communications, business protection, property protection and many more!

A well lit room with all of the time in the world
At your worst moment, you are required to make critical decisions with limited information...

...and probably with a limited amount of security training and experience.

On a recent flight, we noticed a nervous flyer transfixed by the airline safety demo. It made us think. Could she put on the mask, blow up the vest and find the exit? In a panic? In the dark?

She could- with guidance, instructions and some experience.

Make a circuit. Break a circuit. Bring popcorn. pretty much how alarms 2019. And cameras...those are for watching the incident after it happened...

So, let's make it better....