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  • Question #1: What's the best thing I can do to make my home more secure?

    Fortify your doors against being forced open. We like this product which is inexpensive to buy and can be installed by a locksmith or handy-person:

  • Question #2: Can I make myself less visible online?

    Totally. Data aggregators and brokers constantly mine personal information from e-commerce and credit sites. Some companies charge to remove this data but it's pretty easy to do.

    This Opt Out List provides great information on finding these sites and how to remove your data. Be prepared, the amount and type of info they show is scary.

  • Question #3: Can I do my own security assessment?

    Yes and No...but more yes. Instructions coming soon.

  • Question #4: I live in a "normal" house or apartment. Do I need a "safe-room?"

    Yes. In an emergency, everyone needs a secure place to wait for help. The best locations are walk-in closets or bathrooms that are close to the sleeping area and have few or no windows. Consider replacing a hollow door with a solid one and install 1 or 2 SURFACE BOLTS. Place an old or non-active cell phone and charger in the area as it will still call 911- even with no service. If mace or pepper spray are legal in your jurisdiction, place them in an area out of children's reach or in a secure container.