Looking at things a little differently

Physical security without a security department. IT security without an IT team
Our diverse team is not just comprised of former law enforcement officers. We feature a mix of IT security experts, construction managers, educators and systems installers working hand-in-hand with traditional security experts from consulting firms, government and corporations.

What brought us here...
We found ourself recommending solutions that were not easy to implement...

The TSG team has collectively conducted hundreds of security threat and risk assessments.

And every time, we've been asked,

"What are the top steps we can take to make our place safer?"

"How can we protect our systems and data?"

Our answers are always the same:

Set up ways to detect a problem, harden your perimeter, get help quickly and remove yourself from danger.

Make your cameras part of your alarm system and monitor them off-site in real time.

Train your regular non-security team in situational awareness, emergency procedures and how to use your technology.

Use transport and file level encryption and cold storage to limit vulnerability from hackers.

Our security services include security technology, security plans, emergency communications, business protection, property protection and many more!

So we did that...
We partnered with the most innovative technical security and cloud managed IT platforms available and then customized them to provide an integrated monitoring and defensive solution.
We added detailed- and automated- usage guides and realistic training to provide a security program that is always on and always effective.
Our team
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