Programs and Projects

Security that is too expensive or too complicated is useless
At TSG, we meet you where you are and help you where you need it. For some clients, we manage an entire security program. For others, we "fill in the gaps" working with their existing team.

We can help you use technology to control operational and staffing costs.

Threat and Risk Assessments
Thorough and efficient are not mutually exclusive

Our security assessments provide a view of security posture in context with a realistic review of threats.

We are normally able to complete the site survey and provide a draft report on the same day. We'll give you actionable recommendations ranked in order of importance and ease of implementation.

Although our firm places great emphasis on technology, in many instances security can be greatly improved by simply updating policies and procedures.

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Security Systems and Data Network Design
It's time to rethink traditional security system design and innovate

We design and engineer intrusion detection, CCTV, access control, secure data networks and emergency communications systems.

Our specialty is integrating systems to leverage advanced features like video analytics and remote video recording and monitoring.

We've designed systems for industrial, commercial and residential applications. Our team has even secured a mine!

TSG also upgrades, re-programs and repairs existing systems.

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Guard Management and Optimization
Your security should never be dependent on a human being's ability to react perfectly to a situation

Our technology provides a safety net for on-site security professionals. Cost effective off-site video monitoring augments and replaces staffed posts or areas.

In an emergency, your guards can focus on their response while the monitoring center oversees communications and additional resources.

We work with your proprietary or outsourced guards to ensure quality of service, provide expert guidance during incidents and deploy staff only when needed.

TSG also created a secure web-based guard dispatch and record keeping system to automatically make event notifications and allow clients to review incidents and reports with video.

Guard Management and Optimization

Cloud Video Recording and Monitoring
NVR's are expensive, have a limited lifespan and need constant security updates

TSG uses proprietary technology to move your existing video into our secure cloud and make it a part of your detection system.

We record your video in the cloud and retain it per your schedule.

Our monitoring platform is bandwidth friendly and works over your existing Internet Service without compromising your internet activities.

TSG created our custom Video Privacy Solution, interfaced with our alarm monitoring software, to only display your cameras when you want us to see them and let you audit and control our access.

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Audio Video Panic Alarm System
The term "No-brainer" is overused...but...

We can quickly deploy a monitored video device with wireless duress buttons, two way audio and loud noise detection to detect incidents and get targeted help immediately.

Monthly monitoring fees are extremely reasonable and many clients already have some of the components for this system.

So...a camera with a microphone, speaker, duress buttons and noise detection software is placed in a reception area. The camera is normally off for your team's privacy. Upon activating the panic button (or a loud noise registers) the monitoring center receives a pop-up alarm with live audio and video. They are trained to assess the situation and intervene as needed. In many cases, once the remote voice comes over the speaker, the source of the incident leaves.

Audio Video Panic Alarm System

Video Alarm Verification and Integration
So you have an alarm and cameras but they don't work together?

TSG's cloud video platform integrates your existing burglar alarm signals with your cameras. When an alarm sensor is activated, the monitoring center receives an alert and the closest camera is prominently displayed. Operators use this video, and feeds from any other cameras, to make an informed decision to dispatch the right help and direct the response.

Remote video guard tours are available as a complement or in lieu of on site guards at a fraction of typical hourly cost.

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